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Meet The Chef
Meet The Chef

Meet our Chef

Since 2001, renowned culinary virtuoso Chef Marcin Sasin has been a crucial part of the Sheraton Grand Warsaw. His culinary expertise is incomparable in spite of a two-decade-long career. Sasin's vast experience was meticulously cultivated in the prestigious domain of five-star hotels under the esteemed Marriott International brand. 
Each of his culinary creations carries the obvious imprint of his creative abilities and passionate gastronomic enthusiasm. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Marcin possesses an easy-going personality, related with, a never-ending supply of culinary innovation. Marcin handles his gastronomic miracles by combining time-honored recipes with cutting-edge avant-garde techniques, creating a contemporary union of tradition and innovation. His culinary journey showcases his constant commitment to the culinary arts, leaving his mark on every dish he presents.