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About Us

About us

Our approach is honest, relaxed, and generous. We serve simple food made of high-quality products, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It's what makes us one of the best restaurants in Warsaw.

Enjoy the laid-back Italian way of life, and the feeling of being at home in your own kitchen. Even if you're new to the city, our restaurant is a place which should feel familiar. An excellent spot to gather with friends and enjoy a few glasses of wine. 

Our menus are created by our Executive chef Marcin Sasin together with Riccardo Pinna - an Italian chef from Sardinia. Casual lunches and one-of-a-kind cicchetti awaits, as well as quality coffee, liquors, wines and cocktails. Every bite is a discovery of flavours. 

Whether you are simply searching for Italian restaurants, or the best breakfast in Warsaw, we hope you will join us at Cucina Mia.